about us

Arzuman Brothers is a building and capital investment firm specializing in the acquisition of distressed residential properties in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Selling a home can be time consuming and expensive, especially if you own an older home that has not been maintained or in need of repairs. Arzuman Brothers buys properties in any condition and in any situation. For homeowners with problematic properties, we offer a smarter way to sell and do not charge any real estate fees. The condition of your property is not important to us because we’re a building company and we intend to do heavy construction once we become the owners.


So if your home has: mold, termite damage, old or leaking plumbing, electrical Issues, foundation cracking, leaking roof, damaged pool, fire damage, substandard construction, illegal additions, or just hasn’t been updated in a long time…We’ll purchase your home even with all of these existing issues. However, if you sell your home to a regular buyer or on the market, you will likely be forced to do these repairs and the cost will come directly out of your own pocket. Not to mention having to pay real estate fees on top of that. A sale to Arzuman Brothers is private, AS-IS and WHERE-IS. There won’t be any inspections, no appraisals, no open houses, and no people coming in and out.


We are a professional home buying company and have made the process of selling a house safe, stress-free and at the same time, we allow homeowners to net more money compared to selling the traditional way. When you sell a home to us, you do not pay realtor commissions, no escrow / Title Fees, and no real estate transfer taxes.


Since we also operate as a brokerage, you will get the same services of a real estate brokerage and dedicated support from our professional team while not paying any fees. We are also incredibly flexible with timing. Whether you need to close quickly, time to find a new home, or time to move, we work around to your schedule. We also offer you to stay at your home up to a month for free after escrow closes. In addition, we offer a $2,000 credit that can be used toward your moving expenses.


If you are thinking of selling your home, reach out to us today. A sale to Arzuman Brothers is stress-free, AS-IS, and our offers carry no obligation. You can start the process by simply giving us a call or sending us a message through our website and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you. We thank you so much and we look forward to speaking with you.

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