about us

Arzuman Brothers is a building and capital investment firm specializing in the acquisition of distressed residential properties in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Our Story

Arzuman Brothers is the leading distressed home buyer in Southern California. Since its founding in 2005 and after purchasing hundreds of homes, Arzuman Brothers has pioneered a new process for homeowners to easily sell their problematic properties and net more money doing so. We have done this by combining both sides of the real estate coin: Arzuman Brothers is both the buyer and real estate broker. Our mission is to empower home sellers with the certainty of a cash offer, flexible closing date, and no fees associated with real estate sales.

A Smarter Way to Sell

Depending on the condition of your home, the year it was built, or your current situation, it may be advantageous to sell your property to a builder like Arzuman Brothers. We buy homes with all-cash offers and in as-is condition. The condition of your property is not important to us because we’re a building company and we intend to do heavy construction once we become the owners. Therefore we assume almost all risks associated with the physical condition of the property.


Arzuman Brothers offers stress-free sales with zero real estate fees involved. We cover and pay all escrow fees, title fees, closing costs, as well as city & county transfer taxes. During escrow, our professional real estate team will prepare all legal and title documents necessary to complete the home sale as required by California real estate law.. Homeowners will also be assisted during the entire transaction where our team will coordinate and take care of the details so you can focus on what matters most.

A Better Alternative

Arzuman Brothers can be a better alternative for homeowners dealing with difficult properties or situations. Your home will be purchased regardless of what issues you may be facing. However, if you sell your home by listing your property with a traditional brokerage on the open market, there is a likely chance you will need to correct many of these issues and repairs. This also does not include all fees associated will real estate sales, which typically reaches between 8-10%.


A sale to Arzuman Brothers is private, AS-IS and WHERE-IS.

There won’t be any inspections, no appraisals, no open houses, and no people coming in and out.

Request a free, no-obligation consultation.