Arzuman Brothers: The Home Buyer That Saves You Time and Money

Sell your property quickly and easily with our all-cash offers, no fees, and flexible closing dates.

Why Sell to Arzuman Brothers?

Zero Fees

No Realtor Commissions
No Escrow/Title Fees
No Transfer Taxes


We buy homes for cash in any condition. Every sale is AS-IS. No inspections and no appraisals.

Sell it Safely

Avoid multiple showings and have our professional real estate team assist you free of charge.

Close and Move on Your Schedule

Stay 1 month for FREE at your home after escrow closes. Receive a $2,000.00 credit for moving costs!

Sell Your Home in 3 Easy Steps

Contact us

Give us a call at (833) 671-9590 or through our CONTACT page. An Arzuman Brothers advisor will be in touch with you and ask a few questions about your home.

Schedule an Evaluation​

This in-person evaluation is at absolutely no obligation to you. It’s simply the information we need to finalize our offer to you.

Review Your Cash Offer

If you decide to go forward, get up to 3% of the sales prices as instant cash once escrow is opened. If you occupy the home, stay one month for FREE after escrow closes. Receive a $2,000.00 credit for moving costs.

The Cost of Selling Comparison

Every homeowner who sells their home to Arzuman Brothers saves thousands of dollars by not paying any fees associated with real estate sales.

If you are planning to sell your home, here is an example of how much you can save by selling your home to Arzuman Brothers versus listing and selling your home through a traditional brokerage firm. We took the average home selling price and we created a chart below of approximate home selling expenses you may expect to pay once you sell.


Your actual home selling price may vary and is dependent on the time, physical location, house size, lot size, physical condition, market conditions, and buyer demand. The various home selling expenses are the average selling costs associated with listing and selling a home through a real estate brokerage, which may vary dependent on negotiations and the final agreement between buyers and sellers.

Save More by Selling to Arzuman Brothers

Example of potential savings for a home valued at $1 million dollars. Use the slider to change the home value.

What You Net With Arzuman Brothers

No Realtor Commissions No Repair Costs No Closing Costs

What You Net With Traditional Buyers

Realtor Commissions (6%) Repair Costs Closing Costs (2%)


We are not “flippers” who will make you a low-ball offer to maximize profit, and then have to wait for their financing to come through. We have a sterling reputation as a builder of luxury homes to defend – see AB HOMES. We do not depend on financing, and we buy your home “as is” in any condition for all cash.

What Sellers Are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the condition of your home, the year it was constructed, and your current situation, it may be advantageous to sell your property to a builder like Arzuman Brothers. Arzuman Brothers buys homes with all-cash offers and in as-is condition. No need to hold public open houses and deal with hundreds of people coming in and out. Arzuman Brothers offers stress-free sales with ZERO fees involved. From your house, you are able to take anything you want and leave anything you don’t. We make the process easy and simple while allowing you to net as much money as you can from your home.

NONE! You do not have to pay any fees to Arzuman Brothers for selling your home. We cover and pay all escrow fees, title fees, closing costs, and city/county transfer taxes. Our professional real estate team will assist you free of charge during the entire process.

You do not have to sign any agreements or make any commitments to request an offer from Arzuman Brothers. After submitting a request, you can accept the offer and sell your home or you can decide not to sell at this time. It is completely up to you.


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